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I spend many hours drawing, my urge to scribble and write has always been a compulsion.
I love the lines, lines describe things, they can help reach out for an idea, play with it, explore it.
I dream about it sometimes.
Maybe most of the time these are like experiments, like heading down a unfamiliar pathway into the unknown.
This unknown zone fascinates me.
You could say that the unknown is outside where you are comfortable and away from what has become familiar. (even if that familiar comfortable place bought you to some feeling of success )
For cultivating creativity and lateral thinking I believe this is a valuable thing.
Overtime the thing I've noticed is that If you go looking too hard for the unknown,
you end up back with what you already know, doing the same things as before
so being loose but also courageous in this process leads to new experiences.
So, whenever I teach or practice drawing I encourage myself and others to lean that way.
You never know what you might find.



I make these drawings in black marker straight onto the side of cardboard boxes that are often discarded in the street I then highlite with a paint marker,

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