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Always had a thing about lettering. From my earliest sketchbooks, logos, typography, calligraphy
has fascinated and inspired me. When as teens we discovered the NYC graffiti writing tradition via 
artists such as  BLADE, TRACY168, PHASE2, DONDI WHITE and numerous others it was like lettering
changed forever, literally everything I drew after that was seasoned with whatever flavour that I could savour from those heroes. I have a huge gratitude to that art movement started by teenage inner-city kids.
When we created these colouring books for adults and kids to play with and learn skills
it was all about bending and blending the graf letterforms we had learned growing up with writing culture and graffiti everywhere. This style of lettering was often found on the most forgotten and unloved spaces in the city.
The graf made those places special again and began a cycle of creativity that rolls into the present.

Images from the original Graf colouring books I created with William Warren and the VOP crew.

colouring book.jpg

Sample page from NYC Street art Colouring book

By Mr Dane & William Warren

Published 2008 © worldwide

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